KS Management Logo
Finding value in distressed and merger arbitrage situations, with a focus on risk management and capital preservation.

Founded in 1989 by principals Michael Kempner and Jack Swain, KS Management Corp. is an investment firm that adheres to a disciplined and conservative alternative investment strategy. KS has provided consistent results through multiple market and economic cycles.

The KS Investment Philosophy

Our two funds follow a value oriented, event-driven approach, finding opportunity in distressed and merger arbitrage situations where a disparity exists between market price and realizable value. In executing our strategy, which places a significant emphasis on minimizing downside risk, we have always been faithful to a repeatable investment process.

A Conservative Alternative

KS Management has a history of strategic consistency. Our core team has been together for many years and our investment approach has never changed. As a result, our investors have experienced low volatility and consistent realization of investment goals. Our funds’ low correlation with equity and bond markets can provide an attractive complement to traditional portfolios.

A Commitment to Investors

KS has shown a strong commitment to investors by never restricting its investors’ ability to redeem their interests. To ensure that the firm’s interests are aligned with investors, principals and key personnel are expected to maintain a substantial investment in the Funds.